Government Training Course #SCN-867-53-09 Bomb Or Not?
Significant risk of travel delay.
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Questions + Answers

I don't get it. What is the purpose of this?
This site helps you improve your bomb detection skills, so that you can become a better inconvenience to travelers Skilled Government Agent.
I don't still get it. What do I do?
You view the images. You think hard. You use your vast skills and intellect to determine whether the image depicts a bomb or not. You click on the appropriate button.
How can I upload my own images?
Click where it it says "Upload Images". You must be logged in to do this.
I noticed that next to my name, it used to say 'Trainee' and now it says 'Junior Agent'. Why is that?
As you gain more experience in bomb detection, you will get promoted to higher levels.
Exceptionally skilled individuals can get promoted all the way to the top.
I can't complain.
Good for you. I should be so lucky.
No, I mean, I click on the complain link, and it won't let me complain.
You need to log in first.
Are you really affiliated with the government?
No. This site is a parody. It is funny. Ha Ha. Get it?
You guys are gonna get dragged to gitmo for this, you know that right?
No, our government has a fine sense of humor. Besides, we pay taxes.
Auuuuuggggggggggghhhhh. HEY! I SAID, WE PAY TAXES!
    ~,'     .,.~~''``
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